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Webshadow protects kids online by encouraging them to use the Internet responsibly.

Our innovative software tracks their browsing, keeping you informed about the sites they visit.

Knowing they're not alone encourages them to make good decisions online.

Give your kids the chance to make the best decisions online

Webshadow Features

Webshadow makes it possible for parents to stay responsible in the Digital Age.

Protect Your Children Online Now

The internet isn't all cartoons and cute cat videos…

Unhealthy browsing habits lead to internet related problems such as loss of interest in age appropriate activities like sports and friends, apathy, and steep academic decline.

Webshadow Helps You Safeguard your Children Online

Webshadow keeps you informed about your kids' online world so that you can intervene when you notice harmful habits developing. Just knowing they're not alone, encourages kids to browse responsibly and make the right decisions online.

"My involvement with online safety over the last decade has taught me about the true hazards of the Internet to the development of our children. Webshadow stands alone in its ability to allow parents to monitor their children in a simple and non-imposing manner – let's call it "parenting – from a distance". It's simple, easy to use and most importantly, is unique in helping to build trust between parents and children through monitoring that is protective but not invasive."

Lori Getz, Educational Technologist

As a parent, I'd like to know where my kids go online